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PRP in Austin, Texas

PRP and Exosomes, often referred to as “Liquid Gold,” are the perfect way to stimulate new cells within the body. Drawing blood from patients is the first step in the treatment process. The blood is then processed, separated, and used for treatment. PRP and Exosomes have amazing benefits, including stimulating hair growth, reducing scarring, promoting collagen production, and more.

What is PRP?

PRP is derived from your blood. This concentration of platelets circulates through your blood and plays an important role in blood clotting. Blood plasma and platelets contain many important factors in cell recruitment, multiplication, and differentiation.

What is Exosomes?

One of the most natural methods to induce collagen is through Platelet Rich Fibrin. Exosomes can be injected as a solution or applied by microneedling. The second-generation PRP platelets are in platelet-rich fibrin (Exosomes), containing leukocytes that speed up healing of soft and hard tissues.


Facial Injections


Upon injection, Platelet Rich Plasma / Fibrin stimulates collagen, tightens the skin, improves skin elasticity, and reduces wrinkles and lines on the face. Be sure to stay hydrated 24 hours before your appointment because we will need to draw your blood.

Scar Treatment


A PRP injection or microneedling is used to reduce the appearance of scarring caused by injuries, stretch marks, or surgical procedures. It is possible to dramatically reduce the scarring after breast augmentation, tummy tucks, or knee replacements. An average of 3 to 4 treatments may be necessary to achieve optimal results. Numbing cream can be applied 15 minutes before your appointment, so please arrive early. Be sure to stay hydrated 24 hours before your appointment because we will need to draw your blood.


Results are typically visible between 4 and 9 months after treatment.
Although PRP/Exosomes treatments are expected to have long-lasting results, results may vary from person to person.
The total number of treatments will vary, but on average, we recommend three to four sessions separated by about four weeks, followed by one or two maintenance treatments per year
You should plan 2 weeks ahead of any events/vacations to avoid bruising and swelling from injections. Microneedling with PRP/Exosomes may leave the skin red for 1-2 days.