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Best Medspa to get PRP/PRF Hair Restoration in Cedarpark & Austin, TX

PRP hair restoration in Cedarpark & Austin, TX

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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a blood-based treatment that is used to promote hair growth and to help hair regrow. PRP is a natural and non-surgical treatment that uses your own blood to regrow hair.

Benefits of platelet-rich plasma hair restoration in Cedar Park & Austin, TX

Platelet-rich plasma hair restoration is a new technology that uses your own naturally occurring platelets to stimulate the growth of new hair.

It can be used to treat hair loss, thinning, and baldness on the scalp and beard. The procedure involves drawing a small amount of blood from the patient, which is then centrifuged in order to separate out platelets. The remaining blood is then returned back into the body without any change in its composition.

This process results in an enriched concentration of platelets that stimulates natural healing mechanisms within your body.

The treatment itself takes place over several sessions — usually, between 6-15 depending on how much treatment you need — where we will first use our innovative handpiece device along with a numbing cream for pain management during this process before applying an anaesthetic spray if necessary and then proceed with injecting your scalp with our patented “secret sauce” containing these concentrated platelets throughout your entire head until each area has been sufficiently covered (usually taking about 15 minutes).

Afterwards, any excess material will be wiped off gently with gauze before being bandaged up securely so as not to move around while they are trying their hardest to work their magic!

How do I know if Platelet-Rich Plasma hair restoration treatment is for me?

You may be a good candidate for platelet-rich plasma hair restoration if:

  • You have been diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia.
  • You have been diagnosed with alopecia areata.
  • You have been diagnosed with alopecia Universalis.
  • Your doctor has told you that your hair loss is caused by telogen effluvium or some kind of physical trauma to the scalp (like from a chemical relaxer or heat styling tool).

How platelet-rich plasma hair restoration works

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a naturally occurring substance in the body. It is derived from your own blood and contains growth factors that stimulate hair growth. PRP has been used to treat hair loss and thinning, especially in women who experience diffuse hair loss.

Doctors administer injections of PRP directly into the scalp to stimulate new follicle production, which can then grow new hairs. This process may take several months to show results, but in clinical trials, it was shown as effective for up to 10 years after treatment began

What happens during a platelet-rich plasma hair restoration treatment?

Platelet-rich plasma hair restoration is a non-surgical procedure that uses platelet-rich plasma to improve the appearance of thinning hair. The treatment can also be used for hair loss prevention, as well as for people who want to add volume and thickness to their existing hair.

The platelet-rich plasma hair restoration procedure itself takes about 90 minutes, but preparation time is required beforehand to gather the necessary materials and prepare your scalp area. You will receive local anaesthesia during this procedure so that you don’t feel any pain during treatment. You’ll need to wear a stocking cap on your head while you’re in there, too!

Afterwards, some patients may experience mild redness or swelling around the area where they had their injection done—this can last up to 48 hours after treatment has ended (so try not to push yourself too hard after getting an injection).

However, most people only experience temporary side effects like redness for about 24 hours after receiving their injection; these symptoms should then subside within 48 hours of receiving an injection (as mentioned above).

Cost of PRP hair restoration treatment in Cedar Park & Austin, TX

The average cost of PRP hair restoration treatment for a patient in the USA is about $3,500 – $7,000 per session (depending on the area).

  • Type of procedure performed (injection)
  • Number and size of grafts implanted
  • Length/thickness of hairs transplanted

PRF hair restoration in Cedar Park & Austin, TX

Platelet-rich fibrin hair restoration treatment is the most innovative, effective, and accessible method of treating hair loss by restoring the scalp’s thickness and density. Platelet-rich fibrin is provided locally in the same way as hair restoration gel, only with a larger volume of platelets to encourage better regeneration of the follicle and stimulate new hair growth

Benefits of PRF hair restoration

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PRF hair restoration is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that uses your own blood to stimulate hair growth. PRF is an ideal treatment for women and men who want to grow their hair back.

PRF offers the following benefits:

  • Non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure
  • Stimulates natural hair regrowth and growth progresses over time
  • Offers a variety of treatments for alopecia areata and male pattern baldness

How PRF hair restoration treatment works

PRF is a relatively new treatment that uses your own blood to stimulate hair growth. The procedure involves harvesting your blood and isolating the platelets from it, then injecting them into the scalp to promote new hair growth.

This process stimulates the body’s natural healing response by elevating the levels of growth factors in your system, which encourages cell division and skin regeneration. The rapid regrowth of skin cells can help repair the damage done by years of stress on your body or medical trauma like chemotherapy.

What’s the difference between PRP and PRF?

The main difference between PRP and PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) is that PRF involves the use of an enzyme called thrombin to convert fibrinogen into fibrin strands (you can read more about this process here).

Cost of PRF hair restoration in Cedar Park & Austin, TX

When you are considering hair restoration in Cedarpark & Austin, TX. PRF is an option that may be right for you. There are many factors that go into the cost of this procedure including the type of procedure performed and the number of grafts required. PRF can cost up to $5,000 per session depending on these factors.


If you are suffering from thinning hair and want to regain your former fullness, then platelet-rich plasma treatment is for you. It is a simple, effective solution that will help you regain the hair that has been lost over time.

We hope you’ve learned a lot about PRF and what it can do for your hair. If you’re considering getting this treatment done at our Austin office, give us a call today at 512-920-0728 or schedule an appointment online!


Do platelet-rich fibrin hair restoration injections hurt?

Platelet-rich fibrin injections are painless. The process of injecting PRP into your scalp is similar to those of a cortisone shot, and thus the process is not painful. You might experience some minor discomfort at first, but this should go away shortly after you receive the injection.

How successful is PRF for hair regrowth?

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is an innovative treatment for hair loss that has been shown to be effective in helping patients regrow their hair. PRF is a great option for those who want an alternative to traditional hair transplants and other treatments such as minoxidil and finasteride, which have shown limited success in treating male pattern baldness.

Is PRF better than PRP for hair loss?

  • PRP is better than PRF for hair loss.
  • PRF and PRP are both good for hair growth.
  • PRF and PRP are both bad for hair growth.

How long does PRF last for hair?

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) injections are commonly used in hair restoration procedures and can last for up to five years. PRF injections have been shown to be effective in treating male pattern baldness, alopecia androgenetica, alopecia Universalis, and other forms of hair loss.

PRF is a natural substance that promotes healing by stimulating the growth and regeneration of damaged tissue cells through its active components including platelets, fibronectin, fibrinogen, and transforming growth factor beta (tgf-β). Platelet-rich plasma contains numerous growth factors which promote cell differentiation and proliferation as well as speed up the wound-healing process by accelerating cellular migration from the bloodstream into wounded tissue sites.

How many PRF treatments are needed for hair?

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is a one-time treatment and does not require any follow-up sessions. However, you will see visible results after your first treatment. Hair restoration using PRF is an effective procedure that can be done at home or in an office setting, depending on your preference.

How often do you need PRF?

Platelet-rich fibrin hair restoration is a procedure that doesn’t require numbing, and patients can go back to their daily activities immediately. The hair growth is stimulated during a single treatment session, but full results take several months. (all patients will see positive results in two weeks.) Patients need to wait at least four months between platelet-rich fibrin hair restoration treatments to ensure maximal benefits.

How long does PRF take to work?

The time for PRF to work varies from patient to patient. Some people see results after only a few days and others may take several months.

How long does platelet-rich plasma hair growth treatment last?

Platelet-rich plasma hair growth treatment has been shown to last on average for 8-12 months, but it can vary based on your own personal factors.

How many times did PRP need hair?

The number of platelet-rich plasma hair restoration needed for hair regrowth depends on the severity of your condition and how long you have been experiencing it. In most cases, one platelet-rich plasma hair restoration session is sufficient to treat the problem. However, in some cases, two or three sessions may be required.

Best Medspa to get PRP/PRF hair restoration treatment in Austin, Tx

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Eden Medspa is the best place to get PRP/PRF hair restoration treatment in Austin, tx. They use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that you get the best results possible. Their staff is highly skilled and experienced, and they will work with you to ensure that you are happy with the final results.