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How Long Does a PDO Thread Lift Last?

PDO Thread Lift in Austin, Tx

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Are you looking for a way to fix sagging skin on your face and neck without surgery? With a PDO thread lift, your skin can be lifted and tightened without surgery or a lot of time off.

The PDO thread lift is a quick, low-risk procedure that is often called the lunchtime facelift because it takes less than an hour to finish. It eliminates sagging skin on the forehead, jawline, and neck.

At Eden Medical Spa, we offer the PDO thread lift to patients who don’t want to go through traditional facelift surgery but want their faces to look more refined and shaped. So, how does it work? See the process here.

How Does PDO Thread Lift Work?

A PDO thread lift is a way to slow down the ageing process. Surgical threads are put below the skin’s surface to stimulate collagen production and lift the skin, which helps with wrinkles and sagging skin. 

PDO threads can make a face look better by making the skin firmer, tighter, and younger-looking. These threads are made of materials safe for medicine, and doctors have used them for years to do surgery.

Once they are injected below the skin’s surface, they will cause collagen to be made and cause the skin to lift over time. In about six to eight months, these threads will fall out on their own, leaving you with a younger look.

How Long Do They Last?

Some people can’t help but ask about the result when they hear about a new PDO thread lift treatment. Results are always what matters most, so you may wonder if this treatment is worth it and how long the effects will last. 

This treatment is so good because it works immediately and lasts for a long time. Your skin will be lifted and supported during the first treatment, which you will notice immediately.

The treatment will also start long-term changes, such as collagen production. You’ll see these results over time, so you can relax once you leave your appointment, knowing that your results will only improve. 

You’ll see the final results in about six to eight months. Results vary from patient to patient, but most people are happy with the results for at least 18 months.

Can The Results Extend?

Different facial treatments for maintenance can help you keep looking and feeling younger for even longer. Taking care of your skin and doing all you can to keep it healthy will also help your results last longer. To get more out of your thread lift, you can:

  • Every day, drink a lot of water.
  • Wear good sunscreen every day.
  • Avoid smoking
  • Use a professional-grade skincare line
  • Eat healthy foods.
  • Take vitamins and supplements that will help your skin stay healthy overall.

We use MINTTM and Le Encres PDO threads at Eden Medical Spa to help you reach your aesthetic goals. You can use PDO threads to lift many parts of the body, such as:

  • Cheeks, Buttocks, Upper arms
  • Jowls Area of the eyebrows for a brow lift
  • Stomach 
  • Neck
  • Knees

Here are the types of threads you can avail of for this service:

Mono Thread

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This is a good choice for people who only want to tighten their skin and have a little lifting done. Mono threads are entirely smooth, so they need a place to hold on to pull the skin up. 

They are sometimes put in patterns that look like mesh to ensure the skin tightens as much as possible. You can get this effect by using between 10 and 30 threads in each area.

Cog Threads

For those who want a more significant lift, a cog thread can give them more lift. The cog threads with barbs hold up the sagging skin and encourage collagen production. 

Barbs hook under the skin and hold the threads in place. They also make the skin tighter.

Screw Threads

Two or three threads are wrapped around the insertion needle to get better. Screw threads add more space to the area that needs it. The best way to use these is to lift sagging skin to get a V-shaped face.

Is There an Ideal Candidate?

People of all ages choose this treatment to solve some of their biggest worries about getting older. There is no definite age to get a PDO thread lift. 

If you are starting to see signs of ageing on your face or body and want to fix them as soon as possible, you can get this treatment and get ahead of the ageing process. 

Am I The Right One For This Therapy?

Before deciding if this lift is right for you and will help you reach your aesthetic goals, we will look at several things. 

We’ll start by setting up an initial consultation to see if you are a good candidate for treatment. During this appointment, we’ll discuss your health history, problem areas, and goals to see if this treatment is proper for you. 

Some criteria will tell if you are a good candidate or not. If you are getting this treatment for too long, the results won’t be as dramatic as they would be if you had done it sooner.

Will Threads Be Noticeable?

People worry that their PDO threads will stand out if they get this treatment. If you touch your treatment area, you might be able to feel them, but you won’t see them. The threads will dissolve in six to eight months and be gone for good.

How Safe Is This Treatment?

The medical-grade threads in this treatment have been used for years in the medical field. They are safe to use in surgery, and they are also safe to use in this beauty treatment.

Best Medspa to Get PDO Threads in Cedar Park and Austin, Tx

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The best thing about this treatment is the threads that are used. They are what makes the therapy possible and why it works. These threads work so well because they dissolve. In the early 1990s, threads worked for similar treatment, but they didn’t have the same effect.

Today’s threads are better than the past because they dissolve, and you can make patterns to get specific results. Depending on the patient’s goals, the designs can have different dramatic lifting effects.

So, why not schedule your appointment today here at Eden Medical Spa? Contact us or book an appointment at your convenience. Discover how we can help you with skin concerns and achieve maximum glow!