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PDO Threads for Non-Surgical Nose Jobs and Other Facial Contouring

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In recent years, cosmetic enhancements have witnessed significant advancements, offering individuals a variety of non-surgical options to enhance their facial features. One groundbreaking technique uses PDO (Polydioxanone) threads for non-surgical nose jobs and other facial contouring procedures. This innovative procedure allows individuals to achieve remarkable results without invasive surgery.  This article will explore the intricacies […]

What Are PDO Threads Used for in Cedar Park & Austin, TX

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PDO Threads in Cedar Park & Austin, Tx PDO threads have been used in over 5 million procedures worldwide. The average patient sees a 10-15% improvement in skin laxity after a PDO thread procedure. Another study, published in 2020, looked at the long-term effects of PDO Threads. The study found that PDO Threads were still […]